What is Artwork?

Artwork is the term screen printers use to define ANY type of design that you want us to print. Whether the design is
just text on a shirt, a company logo, a fashion design, a sketch on a drawing pad, etc, in printing terms, it's called

Before we create the films and screens for your screen printing order, or the digitizing files for your embroidery order,
we need to put your design in our computers.

Most of the time, you can send us the artwork file that you have on your computer via email. Below we list the various
file formats that we accept as well as some guidelines to make sure you're sending the highest quality file possible to
get the best quality printing.

If you can supply your artwork in any of our preferred formats, there are NO art charges! :)  When creating your digital
artwork, please refer to our
Pantone Color Guide and set your colors to your specifications.  We work with PMS Coated

How to send your file:

Email: Most artwork/design files can be sent via email to our Art Department. We can accept file sizes up to 15MB

Web Upload: If you are having trouble emailing the file, or if you have a larger file size (up to 100MB), Large files can
be sent for free through
wesendit.com This will securely send the file to our art department

Hard Copies:
CD or thumb drive. Files may be compressed with .zip compression.

Preferred File Formats:


* Adobe Illustrator (.AI, EPS)
* Adobe Acrobat (.PDF)
* Other vector formats may be accepatble. Please
contact us to check.

* NOTE: Please make sure all text is converted to paths, curves, or outlines, or that all font files used in the artwork are
also supplied.

Please make sure all placed raster images are either embedded in the vector file or included along with the vector file
when you send it to us.

Raster images (like distressed/vintage effects) are often linked to a location on your hard drive by default and will not
be present in the actual vector file when sent.


* Adobe Photoshop  (.TIF, .BMP. .GIF, .JPG, .PSD, .EPS, .PNG) - preserve layers if possible.
* Other raster formats may be acceptable. Please
contact us to check.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: All raster/bitmap artwork should be 300 DPI at the size you want it printed. Graphics pulled from
the web at screen resolution (72 DPI) do not work well for high quality printing.


The following artwork formats require art charges of $60 per hour:

* We can work from your design "idea" and have our art department put together an original design to use for your
business, clothing line, band, etc.

* We can also accept hand drawn artwork sent through the mail. We usually scan these hand drawn images into our
computers at a high resolution to get them "print ready". We send you a proof via email before we print any graphics.

* If you have a low resolution file, business card, or web graphic, our art department can usually redraw the image into
a higher resolution vector file to get it print ready. Again, we always send you a proof of the finished design for you to
approve before we ever print your job.

* Please note: that we can only begin working "non preferred" artwork once we have your screen printing or embroidery
order in our system. All "non preferred" artwork must be accompanied by a printing order. Once you place your order,
our art department will contact you with proofs for your job via email. You will have access by phone and email should
you have any questions or revisions.